Auction Finds.

Hay trolley.

I made the trek over to Baker City, OR to pickup my auction finds.  My favorite find was this old hay trolley with hay hook and 16 feet of track.  It works I am just not sure I have the center piece that locks in place.  I also only have one release to drop it down from the rail.  That is not such a problem because I can just duplicate the one I do now own. 
The horse and I were having a discussion on eating all the wood pieces near my trailer.  This included the cabinets, the trailer sides, the shelves anything she could get a hold of with her teeth.  She knows better.  I finally had to chase her off as she would not listen and behave, just like a kid, she needed a time-out. 

Monica and I unloaded the counters and put them in the tack room in the barn.  I need to level them and put on a plywood countertop.  They make a great addition to the tack room and for $12 (for every cupboard), the price was a giveaway. 

Matching Boiler doors.

I plan on trading the Boiler doors to Jason for some welding work on our new wheel fence out by the cattle guard.  I didn’t even realize they were a matching pair until I leaned them up against the wall.  Once I figured out there was a left and right door I fitted them together.  I love this old metal cast iron with dates and company logos cast right into the work. 

I need to start back in on the barn.  The corner needs to be rebuilt so I can attach the metal gate.  I need to put up about five pieces of siding then I can add in the swing door.  I need the siding up so I can get the gap filled.  I planned on there being some wiggle room in the door and will need to fill it up with siding. 

This weekend I will spend some time on the barn.  Hopefully, Monica will be able to help.  It is hard to hold up the siding and screw it in at the same time.