Almost ready for winter.

The weather has been amazing for the first week of November.  I was able to work outside in a short sleeve shirt.  Sun was shining and the temperature was in the low 70’s all week long. There was done much needed rain.  The weather was near perfect for fall.  I was able to run the disc over the upper prime pasture and get it all ready for grass seed. I had to ask for help on how to set a seeder for grass.  Luckily, Ted seeded the CRP eleven years ago and the settings have never been changed. Jeff tells him I just need to vacuum the bees out and I will be ready to plant. I bit the bullet and bought some dry land grass seed.  Wow, they do not give that stuff away!  It is $3/lb, ouch.  I bought 200#.  
I also started in on my cross fencing of the barn lot.  Thankfully, it had rained.  Even with the tractor’s help I broke three shear pins digging four holes. I had to let it rain for two more days before I could try and finish the two holes near the barn. There is a rock ledge about twenty inches down. I could not get any deeper.  So those two posts got set with a sack of quickcrete each.  I have been letting them set up so I can install the cross braces and get the fence up. 
Somehow, I thought I had more time.  I am not sure why I thought that, it’s November! No way I could tell Mother Nature to just put off winter.  Winter is now here.  
Barn lot cross fence posts, set in concrete cause the tractor cannot drill through rock.

Upper prime pasture ready for new grass seed.