digging the barn

This is going to be an ongoing theme. I moved some feeders around and tossed a bunch of broken wood out of the barn so I could dig some more. Annmarie’s father always told us that if I dug the barn out the animals would fall through the floor. I have found two different floors and some beam that sticks up four inches from the floor!! Not sure what it is there for. The stink is something awful!! The barn crap never composted because it was under cover and dried out. So now the front part is wet because the roof blew off. It stinks to high heaven!!! Nasty smelling. I did get some more crap done (yep). I have to work the next two days at my paying job so it will have to wait. I did not go get my planer and jointer today. It was pouring down rain most of the day and I didn’t want them to get wet. I have the old house all ready. I cleaned a spot in the middle of the room!!!!! They will sit there nice and pretty for a while.


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