Chickens and cats

I still haven’t heard from the insurance person.  I guess one day is pretty quick service.  So it can wait.  Our cats are part of the “comply or die” network we have going on here at the farm.  All animals get along or else.  To truly understand how this works, one of the local clan of cats had her kitten in the chicken coop.  Annmarie and I went out to check on the chickens and found the mamma cat in the back half of the old cooler (now egg laying box) with a kitten, four eggs under the cat and a chicken in the front half by the door laying another egg!  Kinda bizarre.  I had a picture, but am technologically challenged and cannot get it to post.  So I will get it later.

The chickens follow me around whenever I am outside.  They think I am going to give them a treat. It is kinda weird to be followed around by 20-30 chickens.  Sarah collected eggs today and four of them had cracks in the shell.  Too much free ranging by the chickens and not enough calcium.  So I had her put out a bunch of oyster shell.   We will have to keep it out for a month or so and get it built back up in their system.  I hate having to throw the eggs back to the chickens.  They love them.  I need one more egg to make an even 7 dozen to take to work tomorrow.

I did get the final sanding on the upstairs hallway done today.  Covered the whole floor with plastic and now just need to do the final sanding on the stairs and then I can spend a couple of days cleaning sawdust off the walls and ceiling before I stain and seal the floor and stairs.  Of course sleeping downstairs on the futon for a few days while the stain and sealer dry is just an added bonus.  

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