Fresh from the oven

We sleep at night with the windows open.  That cool breeze is always refreshing.  The side effect is my wife, Annmarie can hear everything that is going on outside the house.  Which by transference means I am alerted (shaking or hollering) of the goings on outside.  This morning before 0500 I was woken up (hollering) to my wife announcing that we had more baby sheep.  Twins again!!  This is good news and I even managed to roll out of bed with very little prompting.  She said she could hear them and they woke her up.  You could hear them bawling occasionally from our bedroom window.  So we got dressed and trudged out to the barn lot.  I remembered to bring the camera with us and a towel (only one towel, I did mention there were twins?).  The babies were literally only minutes old. They were still covered in goo, shaky and momma had not birthed the afterbirth (placenta) yet.  So we decided to lock momma and babies up in the loading corral for a few days.  So I went and filled a five gallon bucket of water and got some grain for the momma sheep.  We took the babies to the corral and she followed .  We tried to hold her and let the babies latch on, but she kept shifting even when I had her pinned to the fence and eating grain.  So we just left them.  Annmarie will check on them in three hours when they get back from swim.  She can feed a supplemental bottle then if needed.  Now the cool thing is both of them are girls!!  Way cool.  Two more sheep for free to breed.  I like that.  I have a picture of the babies, but you will notice the flash had to be used as it was still dark outside.  They will be far cuter by this afternoon.  Momma will have them all cleaned up and it is supposed to be nice and warm today, low 80’s so they will dry out nicely.

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