mowing pictures

Can you tell I spent seven hours on the tractor mowing?  Here are the before and after pictures.

Ram pasture before mowing
Ram pasture after mowing

We have started pouring water onto the ram pasture after the mowing.  Hopefully, the grass will take off.  You can see the green about 1/3 out from the chain link fence.  We would like that to go all the way out to the far fence.

If you look closely at the after mowing picture you will notice all kinds of stuff piled up along the fence.  The dog keeps escaping from our yard.  So I keep trying to add stuff in an effort to keep the dog in the yard.  It is not working.  Now one of the sheep and her babies have figured out how to crawl under and get into the yard.

Front of the house before mowing

This is looking out from our front porch.  You can see the corral gate that I had to wire a hog panel to the gate.  The baby sheep had figured out that they were small enough to slip through the rails and go out and eat on this hillside.  Well, the momma sheep just stood at the fence and bawled nonstop every night.  So I installed the hog wire.

Front of the house after mowing

Looks much better doesn’t it?  I have to use the weedeater to get the stuff near the creek.  The hillside was too steep to get the tractor down there.  Yes, I did buy another weedeater.  I went for a cheap $60 electric one.  I can just throw it away when it breaks.  I hate weedeaters right now.

Orchard near house before mowing

This is the orchard from our front lawn.  See the dirt patch at the bottom of the picture?  That is where I had to dig up our water line last winter.  That was another back hoe experience.  Nothing like fixing pipe in the rain.  It rained the entire weekend I was outside fixing the line.  See the huge stand of Russian thistles?

Orchard near house after mowing

Looks much better!!  The mower was able to tear up the thistles, it just took a long time.  At the bottom left of the picture you can see the post I ripped out to make my gate.  I could have driven between the posts.

Me on the tractor!!  You can see the orchard before I mowed here.  Take a close look for the back fence, it is the one that is hidden behind all the weeds.  That huge mess of thistles behind the cab is the road into the orchard.  to the left and right is the front creek ditch.  

Orchard mowed

This is the orchard mowed.  The tall weeds in the center mark the path of the front ditch.  I couldn’t get close enough to mow them.  If you look from the post in the bottom left corner of the picture to the post just right of the apple tree you will be looking at the new fence line.  I will start working on this again this week.

Orchard mowed.  See fence line!!

Boy howdy.  Look at that fence line.  The amazing part is that the field is green with no irrigation of any kind.

2 thoughts on “mowing pictures

  1. Melanie August 9, 2010 / 4:43 pm

    Great to see pics of your place Steve. I am amazed that you have the energy you do at work after working so hard at home on your “time off”! 🙂


  2. raisin August 13, 2010 / 4:23 am

    This is my exercise program.


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