Everyone is alive

There are times when nothing gets done.  Work has been crazy (I volunteered to teach some classes and drive a metaphorical bus, more work), we are getting ready for the Swim team major fundraiser in 4 weeks and there is no time left for anything else.  So the farm is on cruise.  Now that has not prevented the sheep from getting out every day.  I left the barn door open and I think they are jumping into the barn and running out the other side.  The momma and her babies are still crawling under the fence where it crosses the creek (I am gonna fix that today with a hog wire panel).  The teenage chickens have started to lay.  In the last two weeks we have gotten over a dozen fairy eggs (very small eggs with no yolks).  I gave them all to one of my original local egg customers.
My baby chicks are running around in their outside enclosure.  I had switched my drip sprinklers to a new rotary style drip sprinkler.  Damn things won’t turn.  Total waste of $2.  So now I am going to scavenge parts off of those and use in my old ones.

Here are the sheep cooling off next to the old wood shed.  They love leaning up against the concrete on a hot day.  The chicken is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  They are pretty fragile as chicks but I am having good luck with them as adults (if they live to adulthood).

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