As Promised

New baby #1. Actually, this is the younger of the two twins, born sometime during the night. We haven’t checked gender yet, so I’ve go no new information on that, but he (generic he) sure is a cutie.
And this is new baby #2, actually the older twin born first. Momma hasn’t gotten him (generic pronoun use again) cleaned up, but she’ll get there. This is our first true black. I’m kinding hoping it’s a girl, but I haven’t checked, so it’s only a hope at this point.
And here are some of the rest of the crew. The little one in the center is our baby from last week. He seemed very excited to have some potential playmates. He kept hopping around the little ones trying to get them to play, but they were too busy sleeping. Maybe tomorrow. The big guy in right behind the lamb is our ram. He’s very gentle and is great with the babies. The two on the left with the dark fronts are our new acquisitions. They have finally integrated with the original herd and are doing very well. Ignore Steve’s speculation that they are full grown. They aren’t. They are still young enough to be playing dominance games with one another and jumping and turning circles in the air just because life feels that good. Not more than 4 or 5 months. I should probably get out some old books and remember how to age them from their teeth, but it’s not really that big a deal at the moment. They’ll grow up and have babies when they are ready.

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