Dining room light installed (finally)

Well I did it!  The light is officially in and it only took me 3 years.  Now the ceiling has only been in for a year so those other two years don’t really count.

New dining room light.  Missing a light bulb.
Yes – I know.

Here is my starting picture.  You can see that I was already cutting the shiplap to make room for the new outlet box.  I forgot to snap the picture before I did anything.  The new light hangs down farther than I remembered.  I knew it needed to be lower as it is over the table, but it hangs down 3 feet.  The ceiling is only 9 feet tall. On the plus side as soon as we moved the table under the light then it is no longer possible to hit your head on the light.

Opening a box that you hadn’t seen in three years is a bit like Christmas all over again.  I had remembered that this light was a larger version of the one over the kitchen sink – kind of kettle-shaped.  And that’s what I’d been describing to Ann Marie for the last year or so every time we talked about this project.  She got a little bit suspicious that maybe I didn’t recall exactly what I had purchased when I opened up the box and there was a piece of hardware with three sockets, and no huge shade.  Luckily, she likes what I actually did purchase.

I’m hoping to start working on actually refinishing this table soon.  But first, the upstairs hallway needs to be repainted and wired so we aren’t tripping along in the dark when we put the dogs to bed.  It would be very nice to actually be able to see.  Part of that project is also painting and trimming out the attic door.  After I repair the two screws that have pulled through.  We’re actually getting pretty close to running out of small projects.  After the upstairs hallway, the next thing on the list is finally installing the utility sink.  I count the upstairs bath as a small project too, but Ann Marie disagrees.  That’s because she doesn’t share my vision.  Maybe I’ll convince that the “pre-staging” project can count.  Somewhere in there, though, is the upstairs spare bedroom.  It’s the last of the original rooms that hasn’t gotten its face lift.  But that’s not until next Winter.

One thought on “Dining room light installed (finally)

  1. Hopeful February 8, 2011 / 5:36 am

    very nice! good to know i'm not the only one who sometimes drags projects into the next year.


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