lamb is too cute

No really that is silver hair not gray (it really is!)

So when I looked out onto the pasture hunting down the new lamb, I had a hard time finding it.  When I did I was quite surprised at how small it was.   I know Annmarie told me it was little, but boy until you see it or better yet hold it, you don’t realize just how small she is.  Annmarie went out with me to help catch the lamb so I could hold it.  She caught it so she got to get cuddles first.  We have decided that since the mother is so crazy we need to take extra time to tame down this baby.

This will bring a smile to your face any day

Of course, every time I see the top of my head I wonder where all my hair has disappeared to?  I personally never see the top of my head.  It amazes me when I see a picture and I am bald.  Other than wearing a hat outdoors (to prevent sunburn) and wearing a hat when I am working around the house (to prevent cuts and scrapes to my scalp) I never miss it.
Here is the side by side comparison with our chicken coop cat.  Luna lives out in the old abandoned original chicken house.  She doesn’t get along with the other cats but comes running whenever we are outside working.  She will follow you around like a dog.

The cat is bigger!!!

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