Last minute work on the house

Well I repainted the upstairs hallway today.  I had trimmed out the attic entrance on Saturday and primed it, but I really was not planning on any more inside work.  Spring is here, time to get outside, but Annmarie fell down the stairs at 0430 because there is no light in the upper hallway or in the stair well.  So I taped plastic down, washed the walls with bleach water and painted them tonight.  On Wednesday I will be able to install the four hallway lights.  I had better remember to pick up some light bulbs on the way home.  This way there will be some light.  I need to repaint the stair well, but that is a lot more complicated (20 feet high over stairwell).  So one step at a time.
I did manage to go out and dig out the baby chicken enclosure.  I but in new bedding and chick feeder and fired up the heat lamp so everything will be nice and toasty for the chicks tomorrow.  Annmarie is going to pick them up on the way back from the hospital.  It rained most of the day here so I cannot get to the fencing until it dries out for about a week.  I need to mark all my fence lines and then paint where I am going to install the railroad ties.  Once that is done, I will be ready to rent a tractor for a day.

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