Fencing again

I had big plans yesterday to work on our trash can holder.  I am going to make a wooden building that looks like an outhouse to store our trash can.  I am tired of the wind blowing it over and the animals rooting through the trash.  It goes everywhere!  I had headed out with the plan to set some posts and get this started, but we had decided to let the sheep out of the pasture while we were home.  So they had been running around eating grass outside of their normal pasture and my mother-in-law became concerned they would go out into the CRP fields. Normally this would not be an issue, but last year I ripped down a fence behind her fence that was made out of cattle panels (I needed them to make my other fences cross the creek).  So now the sheep have access to the CRP, so my two nephews and myself put up a new permanent fence yesterday.

There are two more lengths of smooth wire above the woven wire
the sheep are not getting through this fence.

This will keep the sheep out of the CRP now.  Everyone in our households don’t need any more things to worry about.  The ground is still very wet.  I am going to hold off about a month before starting the rest of the fencing projects.  This week I am going to concentrate on the outhouse/garbage can holder.  Finishing up a bunch of day to day stuff in the house today and will be back outside later in the week.  I really need to start spraying some of the thistles that are starting to emerge. There is always something.
Annmarie has had plenty of time to knit as she is in one hospital or the other.  I took a picture of the latest batch of baby booties.  She has done several baby hats recently.  She tells me that she should have enough booties in the store that she is going to switch to fingerless gloves next.  She likes the variety.  She has several shoe rejects she is thinking about turning into pin cushions.  I keep snagging them for baby showers at work and since half the department is currently pregnant (small exaggeration, but not much) or has just had a baby, I have been making serious in roads into the booties going to the store.

Annmarie hand knitted all these.  She takes them into a local craft
store and lists them for sale.  

 The plumbing is fixed again.  We had to call the plumber on Friday, he came out on Saturday.  Our cold water shut off valve under the sink was full of loose glue strands from the PVC line that was replaced in the orchard.  I also had to do surgery on the water aerator that goes with our fancy sink spigot.  It has 6 pieces all with microscopic/pin sized holes in them to create that aeration feel when the water comes out.  I used a 1/8 inch drill to add my own holes.  It works much better now.  Our water is hard and the holes were plugging up.  Now that problem is fixed and you really cannot tell, honestly.  So we have water at the kitchen sink.  It no longer takes five minutes to fill the dog water dish.

One thought on “Fencing again

  1. JoClare April 8, 2011 / 11:03 pm

    I love your booties AnnMarie, maybe someday I will need a pair for some grandbabies :)I always enjoy reading about the goings on at Stewart Creek, Tom and I hope to retire to the Northwest in a few years and garden and raise a few chickens of our own; it's great fun to live vicariously through the both of you for now! Best, JoClare


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