Back at it

We got back from the hospital on Saturday so on Sunday it was either sleep or go outside and get something done.  Seems like every time I sat down I was falling asleep.  So I went out and worked on the trash can holder.  I managed to get the entire thing framed up and then did a run for the lumber (it is stored in the old chicken house).  I did buy too many 2x4s, so I swapped out a bunch of 1x12s for the extra I had just purchased.  I calculated I needed 37 of the one foot wide boards to cover all four sides and the roof.  Now that I am halfway done, I think I overestimated.  Better to have too many at this point.  Otherwise I would have to make a second trip out to the old chicken house.  The spring up there seems to be holding its own, it has eroded back into the hill, but the sink hole has not reemerged.  I am definitely going to have to keep up on that or we will end up with another bottomless sink hole (it had a bottom, but it was like quicksand, I put over 3 yards of boulders into the small hole before it finally got a bottom.  I was afraid the livestock would fall in and we would never be able to get them out).
I started the siding on the trash can holder and it is going to limit my design that can be cut into the sides.  So know I am not sure what I am going to put on it.

Trash can holder looking from the house

I am now planning to add some bird houses inside the enclosure.  I will drill some holes at the top outer edges and line them up with a bird house that I attach inside the building.  I am thinking about adding six houses.  I will install pegs in front of each  of the holes so the birds can get in and out.  Maybe the birds will help keep the yellow jacket  infestation down to a dull roar.  If not, it will still be cool!   I do have plans to add a metal roof, but I needed to get the wood up first.  It looks good with a wooden roof, but it would not hold up in the weather.  I moved the trash can into the enclosure already.  I am very tired of picking up trash!

Partially finished trash can holder

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