Project continues

Well I managed to sneak in about three hours of progress on the trash enclosure.  I am making it look just like the barns.  So that means lots of details and those are taking longer than I anticipated.  After a phone conversation with Annmarie in which she said she usually triples my time estimate on each job, I realize I am right on track using her schedule, behind on mine.  I got the roof and two sides completed sheathed and ready for decoration.  I sided the far side but still need to put on the seam slats on that side.  The roof involved lots of hammering.  That metal did not want to bend over the sides or front!  Enough colorful language and elbow grease plus some screws got it to stay in place.  I did manage to not smash my fingers, thankfully.  I had to tear down the 1×12 on the table saw to get three inch boards to use as seam slats.  I needed quite a few of these.  I can sure tell which boards have the large knots in them.  As the slats come off the table saw they fall apart because the knot is larger than three inches.  Lost several boards that way.  I figure I will need those scraps for something later on.  Now to just figure out where to stash them until they are needed?

Two completed sides and a finished roof.
All three sides on

Seam slats on, now I just need to install
the graphics so the air can move through.

I made a mockup of the design I am going to cut into the side of the building.  It needs to be approved by the boss (wife) before I can put it on the building.  I am hoping to get done by Friday.  I brought in the boards to cut out the bird houses that are going to go into the corners.  I had to find plans online, but every time I thought I had found some it was another search engine.  I even had my virus scanner stop one virus.  Who attaches a computer virus to bird house plans?  What kind of sicko is that?  On a weird side note I had plans to cut out a crescent moon and some stars on the front door.  My only reason for this is I remember seeing them on old outhouses.  My mother-in-law did an internet search and found out that due to high illiteracy rates a crescent moon designated female door and stars designated male door.  Pretty amazing, I never knew that.

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