It rained again, no big surprise there.

I did manage to finish up the wood shed door today.  I dug around in the machine shop and came up with a iron ring, some old chain and an old bolt with square nuts.  I used an old hinge from a door as a slide locking mechanism.  It turned out nice.

Completed wood shed door.  Yes, the concrete walls have moved in the last
80 years and the opening is not square.

I had to switch the water container for the chickies again today.   I keep having to get bigger and bigger as the chicks grow.  I have a five gallon water bucket outside but the chicks just do not want to go outside.  I figure eventually they will get it figured out and start using the grounds outside.  This is probably the friendliest batch of chicks we have ever had.  Not sure why that is true.

Five week old chickens.

Of course it did rain again today.  We had frost on the ground on Sunday morning.  The weather is just not cooperating with our attempts to get a garden going (we do this at Annmarie’s grandmother’s house, she is too old to do all the hard manual labor so I do that and she keeps the daily stuff going.)

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