Fencing the never ending story

Old fencing by the equipment graveyard looking into the foothills of the Blue mountains. 

Here is the view after we pared down the number of posts
and cut off the extra height.

So what is wrong with this picture?  I did not think to look
down the fence line (assumed they were all lined up) and
Annmarie pointed out that I would be moving another post
yet again tomorrow.  This will be the fifth time I will have moved
a post on this section of fence alone.  The automatic post hole
digger was nice but I sure did get the holes all over the place with it. 

Sarah and I went out and pulled up the extra railroad ties today.  We loosened them with a chain and the pickup, then pulled them up.  This worked okay for the first two posts, but the third one was too heavy for us to pull out.  So we inserted a chunk of tall wood under the chain and cinched the chain at the base of the post and used the pickup to force the lever action.  Worked really well, should have done this for the firsts two posts.  
I trimmed off the tops of the posts today with the chainsaw and cut in ledges for the stiffening boards.  I only had to cut on nine posts and I had to sharpen the chain saw three times and fill the gas four times!  Those ties are very hard.  My poor chain saw bar was smoking and getting duller by the minute.  Sparks were flying.  I hate seeing sparks when I am using my chain saw.  Luckily there weren’t any more posts.  It is a twenty minute endeavor just to sharpen the blade each time.

Now that Annmarie pointed out the post that needs to be moved again, I will have to do that first thing in the morning.  After I get the post re-positioned then I can tighten the ends up against each other and install the cables across the irrigation ditch.  Once that is all completed I will be ready to string out wire.  Not sure I will be ready for wire tomorrow.  I will try very hard to get some wire up and in place.  If I can get just the sheep woven wire up we could probably turn the sheep loose in there this weekend.

I had to go to the feed store today to buy more metal fence posts, cable and connectors for the orchard fence.  I figure by the time we are done with the orchard and barn lot fence we will have spent over $1000 this year on fencing supplies.  They add up fast and that is with me getting used woven wire from the scrap metal guy.  Nice part is all the fencing I am doing is going to last at least twenty years without too much maintenance.  Learned the hard way that you cannot just haphazardly throw stuff up or you will be constantly fixing it.
Sarah read an article on how to raise colony rabbits.  You just create a large pen and they live in the large enclosure.  This cuts down on maintenance and upkeep (as I eye the far hillside by the creek).  I would have to bury the fence and ultimately put some bird netting over the top to keep the birds of prey away, but it sounds very doable.  They could just eat hay like every other animal we own.  I would have to run an electric fence around the outside of the enclosure to keep all the predators out.  I like the idea.

Hard to see the posts now that they are trimmed and quantity minimized.  

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