Mowing success

Mowed orchard.  I decided to selectively mow just the weeds
and hope the tall grass will go to seed and start
squeezing out more weeds.  The whole orchard has
bare spots where the weeds were taking over.
I am attempting something new this year.  Instead of mowing everything down in the orchard I saved the tall grass.  I would like the grass to go to seed and multiply therefore squeezing out the weeds.  To aid in that effort I mowed down every patch of weeds I could find.  Now I just need to take the weed eater to the front creek banks.  They are covered in weeds and are stunted from the spray I applied but not out of the picture yet.  Not sure when I am going to find time for that duty.  I would love to send the child out to do it, but she is not very productive unless directly supervised and then it is a constant effort to keep her on track. 
We have been watering the ram pasture in an effort to get it to green up in the next two weeks.  Last year after we mowed it turned green again in no time.  We are hoping the same happens this year.  
We did figure out that it is possible to get a 10 day permit for the wheat truck for $45.  I just need to get it running now so I can go pick up our lumber for the bridge.  The truck will make it easy and I can get it all in one load.  The truck needs an oil change also since I cannot remember the last time it was done, probably at least five years ago.  The other wheat truck no longer works so we want to keep this one running.  
I am on my own for a few days so I think I will spend some time out in the old house organizing.  This will have to be an evening job since I need to clean up the house for company we have coming on Friday.  Hopefully, we can keep it clean for the week after that as we will have more company that weekend.  Sarah was amazed that we could clean all day and still have more to do.  That is what happens when you play catch up.  
Ram pasture after mowing.  Hopefully, in two weeks it will be
a solid patch of green.  

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