Worked on old house reorganization

Both Sarah and Annmarie rode the horses this morning.
They weren’t on long, but it was with bareback pads and
no reins and the horses tolerated it with no problems. 

I had to go to the DMV today to get that 10 day permit for the wheat truck.  Big surprise that they did not want to do that.  She told me that I could not put a load in the truck if I used a 10 day permit.  So I was handed some more paperwork and told to have it filled out.  My mother-in-law, Donna, filled it out and now I will go back and try again.  Does anyone want to place bets on the number of visits it takes me to get something authorized by the DMV so I can use the truck?

I came home after picking the child up from the dentist’s office.  She didn’t want to come home as her mother had “promised her” they would go bra shopping.  Now mind you she is going to spend the next two days in town and could go then, but no she wanted to go today.  I won, and she came home (I just went out to the car and waited).  Once home the child started complaining of not feeling well.  We ate lunch and then she curled up in the chair while I cancelled our weekend event plans.  She fell asleep in the chair and slept for the next four hours!  I guess she really was not feeling well. I planted some more starts but there are still two whole flats to go.  We  are going to run out of containers with holes so I am going to have to create some more with the gun.

It is starting to look like a shop/shed and you might even be able to find
some tools when you look for them.  I have found three palm sanders
and two roto zip tools so far.  Still missing some T-squares…

Instead I went out and worked on the old house organizing and cleaning up.  I threw out another three boxes of trash.   I even had to take one of the racks out to use it for the plant starts.  I think I may keep it out or move it to a different section.  I might even put it in the root cellar as it is all metal and can stand the humidity a little better than the press board shelving on the others.  I made a top shelf and spot for some wood working tools.  I made it out of 2×4 and one inch plywood.  I figured it should be plenty strong.  So now I just need to attach my scrollsaw, table sander, and drill press to the table top.  I also need to get my shopvac, radial arm saw and compressor off the breeze porch and out to the old house.  I may move some more shelves around and create another work top out there.  Still figuring out where the new freezer is going to go that we are buying next year.

This weekend we are going to build fence but I think we may spend one whole day emptying out one side of the old house.  I really want to get the shop setup now.  Got the woodworking blues.  If I get it all cleaned out then I can start planning on laying in the wiring for the three 220 V plugins and I can rip out the central adjoining wall.  The wall is not load bearing so I am just going to rip it out.  I looked when I was crawling around in the attic and this will save me much labor not having to install a beam.  If nothing else I am going to make some puzzles.  I really enjoyed the one I made previously so I will give it another shot.

My non-progress on the bridge.  Still shooting for first full weekend in
August.  I need to get this thing done!

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