Old house/shop is done and organized! (1 of 3 rooms)

Looking in from the second room doorway.  

I had a great day today.  I finished cleaning and organizing the old house!  All my tools are in one place and organized.  I ended up with one pencil, two rotozips, three step ladders, four palm sanders, five plumbing wrenches, six bottles of citrus finish remover, seven pair of gloves, eight functioning extension cords, nine crowbars of various sizes, ten rolls of sand paper for the belt sander, eleven tape measures and thirty screwdrivers.  There was no question that this should have been done sooner.  Now that it is done I just need to keep everything going back to its place after getting used it should be easier now that it actually has a home.  I even have some left over empty shelf space and empty storage containers.  I did not pull some of the nuts and bolts from the other rooms into this room.  I will save that for when I clean out those rooms in preparation for setting up the wood shop.  This may even happen this year. 
Looking from the window back in to the room.  A lot more
light after I moved all the boxes out of the side window. 

As an added bonus to cleaning and setting up the old house, I had to remove all my tools from other various locations.  Sarah and I took all the giveaway items out to the local fruit/antique shop.  She has a very large yard sale yearly and we always contribute to it.  The stuff gets used by people that need it.  Plus, she takes everything.  We ended up cleaning out the upstairs bathroom.  It has some wood in it but that is about one hour of work to remove it.  I had an incredible brainstorm today also.  We have a huge bowl shaped light over the landing of the stairs.  It is three feet in diameter and five feet tall.  It is mounted on an eighteen foot ceiling.  I want to get it working but I have been trying to figure out how I would vacuum out the bugs and dust every year, not to mention changing out a light bulb.  I am going to put an access panel in our upstairs bathroom!  You would just open a cupboard upstairs and it would open a panel in the stair upper wall that would allow you to reach over and change the light bulbs and vacuum out the light.  There will be a white frame box showing on the wall, but it is the closest wall and not as noticeable it will also be the same color as the walls.  I love this idea. 
Looking toward our house from the corner of the room.  Eventually,
we are going to add a deep freeze to this space.

Sarah and I also emptied off the breeze porch.  It still has some lumber on it but another hour and it will be emptied.  I obviously need to make a spot out in the old wood shed for some lumber.  The biggest obstacle to cleaning out one side of the old house is all the 2x6s for the attic are stashed there.  So add in completing the attic floor to the needs to be done list.  I need to wire the attic so I can have a light up there this fall.  No power up there now but one outlet I slaved in to Sarah’s bedroom light.  We were trying different antennas and one of them had a booster that needed power so I improvised. 
Wall of tools, destructive and constructive.

I set up some more help for the bridge weekend, 11 days and counting.  That Friday I have a young man coming to help me set up all the equipment, saw, power cords and sort the lumber so we can hit the ground running on Saturday morning.  I think we are going to install the pressure treated beams that attach both concrete pillars.  We will also run the string markers for the edges of the bridge.  Then on B-day we build!!  Looking forward to finishing this project.   

I found it!  I have been searching off and on for over two years for this
stained glass window.  I had it commissioned for Annmarie many years
ago and literally could not find it.  I knew I had put it some where
safe!!  It was in the upstairs bathroom hidden in a back corner.
It took three hours to dig our way into the bathroom.    I hung it
up today for Annmarie. 

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