Barn catching up done also

The bridge went up so fast that we had extra time to kill on Sunday.  So we worked on the old barn.

These were the windows that let in the rain and snow onto our
hay during the last two Winters.  They need to be fixed.

I also want a doorway so I can load hay directly
into the barn from the barn lot.

 I needed to fix the upper storm window doors so they can keep out the snow and rain from getting inside and damaging the hay.  I also wanted a way to load hay directly into this room without having to drag it through the barn.  I wanted to install a glass window also, but in the end decided to just hang a rug over the window opening until I have leveled the barn.  Otherwise the window could break when I start jacking up the floor.  The only real problem with this is that I did not have enough hinges for the new barn doors.  So we scavenged some hinges and a latch from one of the old granary doors (Doug just screwed the door in place so it no longer works)(it is a side door that was never used anyway).  I dug around the old house and found three smaller hinges.  So we decided to use the three smaller hinges on one side and the larger two on the other door.

Using the sawsall, Doug cut out the slots for the hinges and I installed them from the outside.  He framed the doors inside and then when they were all framed out he cut around everything with the saws all!!  Wallah, instant doors.  It is the quick way to build doors.  Not very neat, but as I kept telling everyone it is the barn and it just needs to work and keep the weather out.  I don’t have the time or money to make everything perfect.

Completed door, fixed shutters and covered window with weighted rug.

  Doug had to leave so the teenager and I finished repairing the upper window shutters, cleaned out the dirt, straw and owl crap that was piled up in the corners.  In places it was 10 inches deep.  It was nasty and dusty.

Clean barn room ready for hay!

  We then covered up the window with an old rug.  This is a cheap way to cover windows and trap in heat.  Now I just need some hay…

New doors in side of barn.  I wanted to add the latch inside but it would not hold the doors closed
they gaped open so I had to install the horizontal boards to account for the warp factor
in the vertical boards.  It turned out good. 

Completed work

The doors really do work. 

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