sheep love to get out

Well the sheep were once again outside the fence.  Annmarie saw them wandering around outside the fence so she let the last few stragglers out to join the escape artists.  The only real bad part of this is the boy sheep have decided that rubbing their horns on the tire wells of the new cars is the best way to itch your horns!!  Now as you might have guessed this is not very good for the paint job on said cars.  Not sure what to do in the Spring when I actually want them to run around out where the cars are parked.  Thinking I may have to install a parking perimeter fence.  This is a problem for next year.  Of course the sheep did poop on my new bridge. It had to happen sooner or later, but I would have preferred later.  Annmarie, Sarah and I counted the sheep after we chased them all back into the ram pasture (more like steal the lead ewe’s babies and wait for them to cry and lead momma to the pasture).  We did get some cuddle time with the babies during this herding/leading event.  They are so tame and cute.  We all counted sheep and Annmarie and I counted 22, Sarah came up with 21.  So once our ear tags arrive we will run them through the chute, tag, weigh, deworm and castrate (those that dun need it!) everyone.  We will have a totally accurate account at that point.  I thought we were at 20.  So I was off anyway.

I went and checked on the tractor today.  It rolls into the dealer’s on Wednesday, but still needs the bucket installed they won’t deliver every thing to the house until 24th or 25th of this month.  I cannot wait until this thing gets here.  I expect it to be a labor multiplier for me!  I did go buy some more door hinges for the barn today.  I am really getting excited about finishing that thing up and putting it back in service with all the improvements.

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