chicken update

No, I have not given up on the chicken financials.  I just happen to be four months behind.  I have all the data, but after the computer data wipe I cannot find my files.  Annmarie is going to have to find it for me.  It appears the Chicken Butler may be functioning correctly again.  I only found one chicken trapped outside tonight.  I collected eggs (the child is off doing teenager things) tonight and got a whopping 11.  We have been collecting around 7 every night.  No broken eggs tonight. I did do a chicken count tonight.  First time in a month.  I counted 49 chickens.  Three are roosters, 24 are immature and not laying eggs yet.  So my 22 producing chickens laid 11 eggs today.  Not too shabby.  Should be better once the chickens get used to the artificial light (I just got the timer working correctly yesterday).

On the lamb front, I went to the meat cutters today to pay and pick up some meat from our locker.  Oh my goodness, the price of live animals has risen drastically.  Pig, lamb and cattle are all selling at $2/lb live weight at the animal sale.  I am definitely going to have to raise prices.  Thinking the next lamb is going to go for $125 then after that $150.  Final price would be around $1.67/lb.  This would save me from having to transport the animals to sale.  This works as long as the price doesn’t keep increasing.  Looking forward to another $1/lb increase personally… (lol).

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