Farm 9, Predators 22

I have been frantically trying to complete a couple of projects before our company arrives for Thanksgiving.  Last year, Doug helped me build the utility sink enclosure.  This summer we finally got the plumber here to set and install our deep utility sink.  I had not finished the wood on the enclosure or attached the door yet.  Last night I stayed up late and stained the sink enclosure and laundry room door.  Today, I cleaned up the upstairs bathroom area so the new heating guys could come in and fix our original poor heating job.  I had to pop a bunch of tiles out of the ceiling and those plastic tiles make it very easy to do. 

I even spent some time today cleaning up the old house.  I had to install a locking catch on the outside of the door.  The door doesn’t stay latched any more.  The chickens and cats were making a mess inside the old house.  I am going to have to clean up again.  I emptied five gallon buckets full of tools off the porch and put them away.  Since we are having 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph, I had to go out and fix the chicken coop roof.  The sheet metal roofing was tearing itself up.  I beat the edges over and screwed them in the end so the wind cannot grab the roofing and heave it up.  Hopefully, this fixes the problem. 

Our heating is amazing.  They got the new feeder duct installed.  The old contractor had left an original, not currently in use, duct in the ceiling.  There was enough new supply that we got an extra 6 inch heat supply for the living room!  They are coming back tomorrow to finish it all up and add the 3rd zone to the breeze porch.  If it stays like this all winter it will be worth it. 

I spent an hour installing the door and latch on the utility sink stand tonight.  I had found 8 bottles of bleach (courtesy of my sister) out in the old house and they needed a home under the sink.  I finished the door and forgot about them sitting outside in the wind until it was time to go to bed.  I didn’t want to hunt them down in the morning so I ran to the laundry room and opened the back door.  The cats were all over the porch and this large rat thing.  It took me a second to realize it was a huge possum!!  The cats were only about two feet away from it.  It was looking for cat food crumbs.  I had already remembered to lock  up the chickens earlier.  So I ran back in and grabbed the handy Walther P-22 with laser sights.  By the time I got back to the porch the possum was gone.  I shined the flashlight on both sides of the flower bed and didn’t see anything but four cats.  I bolted to the back fence and started shining the light along the running back creek.  There it was, the future chicken killer staring back at me.  I eliminated its ability to harm my chickens with extreme prejudice.  I did remember to bring the bleach in and put it under the sink. 

Since Doug is going to help me with another Thanksgiving project, I figured I had better complete last years before they come.  They will be here tomorrow. 

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