catching up on little things

Well, the spare room is going to need a third coat of gold paint.  The dark color is very hard to paint on and get an even coverage.  I dug out the step ladder and went into the attic, dug around and found our back porch light.  This week I want to get the back porch light wired and the outside outlet working.  We have not had this functioning yet.  It will be a nice change to be able to turn on the porch light and actually see outside. 

I got a night vision camera for my birthday.  Just need to get it hooked up so I can start spying on the chicken predators.  Annmarie just told me there can be no streaming video to website.  We don’t have enough bandwidth to support that.  I don’t want to give up any bandwidth.

I wired a new chicken light today.  I have a metal shielded glass covered light.  The chickens will bounce right off it without breaking anything.  I wired in an extension cord so I can just plug the light right in to an outlet.  This should help with my egg production issues. 

I started some grape starts today.  One of my generous coworkers brought in a bunch of purple grape cuttings in to work and let me take them home.  I trimmed them up and put them in some soil on the breeze porch.  I have over 20 starts going.  Hopefully, I can get at least 15 of the plants to start and root.

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