Digging the never ending saga.

More digging.  I know that eventually I will be done digging, just not sure when.  I have one four foot section under the barn then just the two narrow deep tracks under the barn to complete.  I had to crawl out from under the barn and do some digging in the front creek.  Sitting on your butt or digging bent over on your knees is not easy.  Lots of upper body movement, especially when you are digging four to five feet away from your body.  The creek was not much easier.  It stunk to high heaven as I was digging out cow poop.  I managed to get half of the back barn lot section dug out.  I am trying to build the banks up in places.  The creek isn’t very deep or wide but the cows have filled it and after that accidental redirect of the back creek the spring before we moved here the front creek is way wider than normal.  I am working on getting it back to a narrow stream. 

Garden starts, the squash are ready to go in the ground.
Grape plants doing well.

Hopefully, I can get the digging done this weekend.  I think three more days should do it, but I might need five.  Depends on how it goes when I start getting toward the middle of the barn and have to move the dirt pile a couple of times to get it out from under the barn.  Once that is done I can start leveling the barn.  I want to be done with leveling by third week of May.  I want to start in on the roof and front by June.  It is a plan.  I have found that plans change quickly, but it is better to just start out with something. 

Our garden starts seem to be coming along.  Sarah and Grandma Ruby are going to plant the squash plants this Friday.  The rest of the starts are not big enough.  I did manage to get the wood shed door back on.  I had to drill all the way through the door frame and install two 8 inch bolts through the door frame.  I still had to take the lower hinge off the door and straighten it in the vice.  I got it all back together, but the locking slide bar was 1/8 inch too low.  So I chiseled out another 1/4 inch in the receiving hole and it works.  Here is to hoping it works this time.

I need to get the grape plants out and into the ground.  Our weather has been pretty screwy but I cannot wait much longer.  I want to kill some weeds first before I plant the grapes.  2-4-D kills grapes so I need to be careful with my spray.  I sprayed yesterday and then it rained one hour later.  Not sure my spray will do much good.  

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