Digging completed.

Finally finished with the digging yesterday.  It helped that I was sore and tired from the day before.  It made me totally reevaluate what was truly necessary.  Plus, I am skinny, so my ultimate criteria was can I crawl under the barn.  The answer is yes, if I crawl on my belly and squeeze I can get every where.  You have to not mind the dried sheep poop everywhere as you slide along on your belly.  I did dig out a few posts so the dirt was not next to them.  This is most likely going to have to be an ongoing project until I get the whole barn dug out.  My best bet is to save up some money and pay someone else to finish the digging.  Won’t happen until Annmarie gets all her window trim inside the house completed. 

I leveled out the back barn lot again.  There was not enough dirt from under the barn so I had to steal some from the sheep shit pile that has not been moved yet.  I kept working the dirt back and forth until I had it nice and level.  Definitely, a wearing your seat belt and roll bar up kind of job.  I am going to hold off on planting grass until after the barn work is done.  If I have to I will drag some sprinklers out and do it in the middle of summer. 

We have two more lambs going for processing this next week.  We sold one and we are going to eat the other.  That leaves me one more to sell.  I am going to put our ram up for sale on Craigslist this week so I will probably put the lamb up at the same time.  Annmarie wants to sell the camel back girl, but I think she is pregnant.  So I will give her one more chance to have a viable lamb.  Currently we are having the sheep eat down the ram pasture.  It was getting out of control and the grass was getting long, almost a foot.  We think the sheep will need at least a week to make it manageable.  I will post some pictures today.  I am going to start working on leveling the barn today.  Once that is done, it is time to tear into the sides and roof!  Amazing how some jobs don’t seem to show any progress, but without them everything else is wasted.

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