Farm ramblings

Outside wall leveled.  It looks level to me.

The outside wall is all leveled.  I ended up placing two new pillars, fixing two more and redoing the entire left corner to sit on rocks and pressure treated shims (2×6).   I ended up with one pier in the middle off the ground a couple of inches.  There was such a bow in the beam that when I attempted to straighten it there were side effects.  I am going to leave it.  I figure given some time and usage the beam will straighten out eventually.  I am not going to plant grass in the back barn lot yet.  I want to get the windows and roof in first.  Otherwise, I would just be trampling the fragile new grass. 

Honey bees, I need the large lens, got stung standing three feet away. 

We have a honey bee hive in the front wall.  There is an enclosed space between the walls and one of the boards split down the middle creating a small opening.  I keep trying to figure out how to keep it in place and work around it without getting stung a 1000 times.  Jason, I hope you aren’t allergic to bees?  Annmarie came up with a great idea this morning.  I am going to make a bee tunnel and redirect them to come out near the roof line.  The timing is going to have to be critical as I don’t want to redirect them before I get the roof in place!  Now that we have a plan I can work on it. 

Dug out creek in back barn lot.

As an aside, I have been working on the front creek.  Mostly when I got tired of digging under the barn.  It had filled with cow poop and widened drastically.  I just dug a new channel and tossed all the extras to the sides to help stabilize them.  There is an actual gravel bottom, not just mud!  I will plant the sides again so they firm themselves up.  The poop is starting to dry out now that water is not trickling over the top of it.  If you look closely at the part of the creek I have not dug out yet you can see what I mean.  I locked the sheep in the barn lot yesterday hoping they would eat down some of the green in the creek.  They found the hole in the fence next to the barn and have disappeared from their appointed location, go figure.

Other side of the bridge that has not been fixed.

2 thoughts on “Farm ramblings

  1. raisin May 4, 2012 / 2:50 am

    We'll be cautious, but I expect to get stung a few more times before the barn is completed. I don't want to kill them or have someone come take them away. Just too cool to keep them in the wall.


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