Picture update.

Annmarie’s completed silk shawl for Sarah’s prom and future use.

Here is photo of the completed 100% silk shawl drying out after being blocked.  It turned out incredibly well.  If Sarah takes care of it, it will last a lifetime. 

Treasures found buried in the outside wall of the barn.
Walkway I am going to cover over with 2x6s.
End of the barn that is going to be reworked. 

I am going to rework the large door on the left and make a sheep sized sliding slot door.  In the middle of the picture you can see part of the wall is sheathed in that is were the honey bees are hiding.  I am going to leave the old draft horse tack hanging on the walls. 

Granary chute, this will be taken out and hopefully some stairs added. 

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