Barn Progresses Well.

Hay bay #2 has two levels of floor!

Grain Elevator ripped off front of barn.

The help worked on digging out the second hay bay on Friday.  He got about 50% done, but in the course of cleaning he uncovered a two tiered floor.  We had no idea there was a sunken section.

The soon to be tack room got shoveled out.  We finished ripping out the tack room entrance hall obstructions.  Scraped the dried poop off the floor and got it all cleaned up.  There is now a hole in the ceiling where the wooden grain chute used to be.  I really want to make this into a hole for some stairs.  This would be the stairs to get to the storage room above the tack room.  A later project, not a current priority.  The area above the tack room door needed to be cleaned out so we can get all the trash out of the barn.  That space is where the roof needs to be repaired. Now it is accessible.

I LOVE the tractor.  We hooked onto the grain elevator on the front of the barn with a chain and pulled it down in 10 tries with the tractor.  This would have taken almost a day to do it by hand.  It took us 30 minutes with the tractor.  Another hour and we ripped off the low loose boards. The granary is another set of 2×6 turned and then tongue and groove boards on the inside.  This makes the outer walls on the two outside walls 12 inches thick.  I need to put a couple windows in and the depth of the window sill is causing me grief. 

Tack room grain free.

Grain storage bin, not a surfboard.

There was an old hand made metal grain storage container up in the loft over the tack room door.  It was maneuvered down onto a large wood pile.  I had Reagan put three large boards on a slant and told him to step back.  I was about five feet in the air balanced on a garbage wood pile.  I went to give the container a shove and it would not go.  So I got in a better position and lifted the bottom and top.  My glove got stuck on the top of the container as it started to roll down the ramp with me on top of it.  I managed to surf the damn thing down to the floor on the left side of my body.  I have a huge hematoma on my left shin, several inches across and elevated an inch away from the skin and another really nice bruise on my left forearm.  It aches, gonna be stiff in the morning.

Elevated walkway cleared off.

I found a NO SMOKIN’ sign in the upper walkway.  When we get closer to finishing the inside I will mount it on a wall.  All this has been done with only 24 hours of help.  I am totally looking forward to seeing Jason come and work for a few days. 

NO SMOKIN’ sign found on elevated walkway.

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