Pig enclosure torn down.

Barn emptied out.

 Progress is happening much faster now.  Not sure why.  Maybe it just feels that way.  We tore down the rest of the Pig enclosure today.  I just need to remove the two feet of poop (ongoing theme…) and we can add the new exterior wall.

I attempted to pull the beams off the other beams we are leaving on the lamb shed.  I was just tearing the beams apart.  I ended up going to town and renting a generator for 20 minutes.  I had tried stringing extension cord, but after 400 feet I still needed another extension cord.  I just gave up, didn’t figure I would have enough voltage after I had all my extension cords laid out.  The rental was a whopping $24 and worked great.  We unloaded the trailer and brought all the pig pen roof beams over to the main barn.  I am going to use these beams cut down to 9 feet lengths to fix the upper portion of the exposed roof.  Tomorrow I want to get all these beams cut and placed. 

Upper part of roof that needs repair.

Pig pen enclosure torn down.

Markings in concrete

As in all things there is another 2 feet of crap to dig out, literally!  Once I move the old dung with the tractor we will be able to tell how long to make the exterior boards.  Nice thing was we saved two different exterior gates and one locking latch mechanism.  I found one of the supports, made out of concrete, autographed by a “Betty Gilliland age 8 years Pilot Rock, ORE”.  She was born in 1920 so this support was poured in 1928.  I will save this chunk of concrete, not sure where I am going to use it on the farm, but I will find a spot for it.  Probably as a support for some external stairs I want to add onto the backside of the barn.

First thing in the morning I am going to make a lumber run.  We will save money in labor if I buy the 14 boards, 20 feet long, that are needed to span the hole in the barn roof.  After we get the tin off the granary roof, it will take one hour to tear the rest of the building down with the tractor.  I love the concept of the tractor as “The Destructor!”.  There is no end to the amusement I get with the tractor.  


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