Tin going up on roof.

Resident buck   He lives next to the grain bins.

We know have a resident buck deer.  The females have been living here for years but never a buck.  He stays right next to the grain silos during the day.  They are in direct view of our front living room window.  I see him hunched down and sleeping all the time during the day. 

One of our ewes had twins yesterday, two girls.  She had triplets but one of them was stillborn.  I had to take it up to the bone pile.  The girls are doing fine.  Momma likes hanging out in the yard next to the house.  The grass is very green and there is lots of shade.  Zeke has not been too bad. 

Newborn baby girls x2.

Roof ready for tin.

I spent all day Sunday getting the barn roof ready for tin roofing.  I finished cutting loose the old torn up wooden roof and installed all the cross braces.  The cross pieces are all 2×6 so they should be plenty strong.  The first pieces I am putting on are 16 feet long.  The other pieces are 14 feet long.  This is going to force me to bend them in half and run them up the steep part of the roof.  It will look odd for a while until I can get the entire side roofed.  I simply do not have enough tin to do the entire side.  I will have to purchase some more used from the local salvage yard.  He has been saving it for me.  I buy it by the pound.  On a side note, when of the things I had not counted on was the cost of the roofing screws.  The cheap ones are $8/pound.  I need some large ones to fill the old holes from when we pulled the nails out.  Those cost about $16/100.  It is crazy how expensive the screws are going to be.  I have just started roofing and have already used 300 of the special order screws.  I just went and purchased 10# of 1.5 inch roofing screws today.  I have already used 25% of them .  I expect to spend over $500 on just screws for the barn.  I totally overlooked this expense when budgeting for the barn. 

Completed jugs.

I fixed the latches on all the jugs except one.  I took a latch off of a door in the lamb shed and I cannot find the dang thing.  I looked all over but the inside of the barn is a mess and stuff is scattered everywhere.  I will find it eventually or go snag another one.  I finished fixing the tack room door today.  It needed some door edging so I could mount the latch mechanism.  It has a hole through the bar so the latch can be reached from both sides.  I found an old broom handle that fit the hole and pounded it in place.  You can now go in and out from both sides without difficulty.  We got the ceiling supports in place and started laying the first layer of the floor. I am using 1×12 in two layers to cover the tack room ceiling. We had to switch to inside work once the wind started up today.  I may have to have Mr. President up on the roof with me tomorrow just so he can keep the tin from blowing off while I screw it down. I checked the calendar and Mr President only has a couple more weeks of work.  He wants to go off to college and live the good life and I am going to run out of money.  So the next big push is to get the tin on the roof, and the wood scrap pile up to the burn pile.  Once that is done we can empty out the old granary so I can pull it down and start salvaging wood from the roof and the floor.  It is going to be a fast two weeks.

Old granary door now the tack room door.
Tin going up on roof today.

One thought on “Tin going up on roof.

  1. Anonymous July 23, 2012 / 5:54 am

    Have I ever told you how much I enjoy your adventures on this farm? Even the mundane stuff of how many eggs hatches, or how many panels you repaired on the walls – I feel like a long-distance cheerleader. Yay, team, go!


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