Pictorial update of barn.

Barn roof done for the year.

Granary skeleton.

I took these a couple of days ago, things are always changing but this should get the big picture update completed.  We were short two pieces of metal roofing to complete the entire animal covering. I had visions of completing all the windows this summer.  No way can I get it all done this year.  The two hanging doors need to be installed.  We built the one by the tack room today and hung the 1/2 door over my fancy door today.  Only two more exterior doors to complete the “necessary” work on the outside of the barn.   The floor inside is all down!  I need to screw down three sections, but I used the impact hammer for over 8 hours two days ago and my right hand was numb and almost twice its normal size (it was over 100 F).  So I have been careful to only use the impact hammer for a couple of hours a day.  I don’t want a repeat of the club hand.

Cleanup almost completed.

Front of the barn, still needs some work.

Fancy door within a door for the sheep.

Old granary door now tack room door.

Tack room with ceiling.

Front floor completed.

Back corner floor completed

This area to the right of the rode needs to be fenced in to make a small pasture for the mothers.  They will have access to the front creek.  Everyone needs access to the always running front creek.  I really want to install this fence but the barn needs a few more things before I can move forward with any fencing. 

My tractor sprung a leak the other day when Mr. President was loading sheep dung.  Luckily, he just shut it down and told me.  It was just a loose hydraulic connection on the front bucket.  The real problem is I don’t know how to replace the hydraulic fluid.  I had to read the manual and find out that the transmission fluid is the hydraulic fluid.  It is low so no driving the tractor until I refill it.  The tractor has 68 hours on it, at 75 hours I have to change the oil, oil filter, transmission filter and transmission fluid.  One more solid day of cleaning up the barn lot and we will be at the maintenance mark. 

Trophy wall.

Those light eyes in the middle are the storage room above tack room.

Grain dispenser

The large opening at the top of the peak on the barn is going to have a window in it.  I have a four foot by eight foot window ready to go.  The opening is plenty big enough for this window. 

I am going to drag a couple of railroad ties over to put under the door so the sheep won’t have to step down 1.5 feet.  I will build the area up with some rocks and dirt. 

Jug completed and ready for sheep.

All this stuff was down inside the walls buried in hay dust and sheep dung.  Most of the horse shoes are from draft horses and still have the nails in place.  We figure they are from shoes that were thrown off by the horses.

There is another storage room above the tack room now.  This is going to be the staging area for the large window.  I don’t want to try and drag the window up the entire outside of the barn. 

One thought on “Pictorial update of barn.

  1. Herb May 15, 2013 / 8:27 pm

    This was definitely your big project for 2012! I first read your July 2012 blog post and realized that roofing is indeed a tough job and completing it was a total success. It looks great, and I hope it will stay in good condition for long. Anyway, how's the renovation progress?Herb Koguchi


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