Fencing just plain sucks

We bought the key holder at a craft fair at Maryhill Museum.  I made the board from a piece of maple.

I went out today and made a concerted effort to fence all day long.  I usually only fence for a few hours then go do something else.  Since the animals keep escaping I need to make the barn lot animal proof for the winter or there are going to be serious issues.  I went up on the hill and wound up my guide string I used for the rock cribs and brought it down for the new momma and baby enclosure.  I staked it out and used a tape measure to mark spots for wooden and metal posts with little flags.  Red flags are for metal posts, and orange flags are for wooden posts.  I then found all the metal posts I could and then pulled another ten out of the ground with the tractor.  I laid out the metal posts next to their respective flags and did the same with all the wooden posts.  I am about two wooden posts short.  I think there may be a couple of railroad ties left that are not rotten.  Most of them were rotten when I checked the other day.
I also laid out the new fence going through the back barn lot.  This will let the animals get to the front creek from the ram pasture.  The ultimate goal is to get every pasture access to the front creek.  The creek is 40 degrees year round, it never freezes and comes out of the ground about 100 yards above the house.  I don’t want to have to carry water or fill containers.  I started driving metal posts into the ground.  September, after no rain for two months is not the best time to fence.  I had to hit each post about 100 times.  There is one section of the fence where the cliff face is right near the surface of the ground.  I tried and tried to get a post into the ground.  No luck.  There are three posts that I have in the ground but they need another four inches of help.  I am going to have to have a second person on the post hole driver with me to get that last four inches.
Thankfully, when I put the seven post in the back barn lot it was pure dirt!  Smooth as butter, I could have done 100 posts that way without even breaking a sweat.  I need to get the outer fence up and functioning before I tear out the inner fence to reposition it.  No escaping animals is the goal.  If I get this all done in time I may even be able to replant a couple of the pastures so they snap back in the spring.  I have 50# of pasture seed in the pickup. 
After fencing was completed ( I got tired, arms felt like lead) I came back to the house and worked on sanding a piece of maple for the key holder.  I finished it after dinner and applied linseed oil.  It is drying in the laundry room.  I still need to get two copper screws to attach it to the board.  It turned out nice, Annmarie didn’t want to just hang the key holder on the wall because the keys would scratch it up.  So she wanted an oval shaped piece of wood to go behind the holder.  It passed the muster.
I never did get out and change the light bulb in the chicken coop, another day soon hopefully.

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