Old Lamb barn sided.

Horses won’t be stealing any more food!

Today was the day the lamb barn got resided.  Mr. President would have been proud.  I didn’t think it was going to get done before winter even though it was on Annmarie’s list.  Monica (foreign exchange student) and I went out today and got the board completed on the board and bat siding.  I still need to tear some boards in half to put on the bat portion of the siding but that can wait.  No animal can steal hay from the lamb barn and no weather can get in except for a little wind through the cracks.  It was a good day.  I had hoped it could be done without cutting any boards, but we had to cut about half of them.  They all had to be taken to the main barn (only place that the extension cord can reach) to be cut off.  We kept trying to get the boards as close to the roof as possible to keep the birds out but that did not work.  It looks a little odd from the side now as the bottoms of the boards are all within about an eight inch span.  I figure a good kick board will fix that no problem.

My sprinkler is still going in front of the barn.  The soil is having trouble absorbing the water as there were free standing puddles forming.  I am going to keep the water on until Sunday evening.  Hopefully, it will be dry enough for me to dig some holes on Monday afternoon.  I need to be able to drive the tractor over the dirt without sinking in yet not have everything dry out totally again.  It is going to be a balancing act.  If I cannot get the holes dug I will work on getting the supports between the posts and tying the posts together so I can start pulling wire and attaching it.

We broke open some more straw for inside the barn and set up the three jugs with straw.  Everything is all ready for babies.  Hopefully, I can get the doors on the barn by the end of the week. 

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