Holed again.

Newborn baby this morning.  I really like the face.

The barn door hole has struck again.  Annmarie heard a meep early this morning and when she got out to the barn it was outside the sheep area.  It had fallen under the door and momma would not take it back.   She kept pushing it away with her head.  So Annmarie called Tisha and took the baby on a trip in the car to its new home.  Now Tisha has two bummer lambs that have fallen through the hole into a new home.  I plan on fixing the door this summer so we may not have any bummer lambs after that.  I am just going to add some vertical boards the whole length of the door that extend down the eight inches to cover the opening.  Of course there is still one more ewe to deliver her babies and one more chance at someone falling out of the barn.  They like that corner as they can kinda get away from everyone.  The isolated twin is doing well with its momma in one of the jugs.  This one has the best colored face of all the new lambs, lots of variety.  I didn’t reach down and disturb the lamb to see what gender it was.  The bummer was a little girl, so Tisha has a little girl and a little boy now. 

Closet is going in the back right corner.

I am starting in on the laundry room closet.  Today I cleaned up and moved every thing away from the wall.  I scrubbed the floor, which is not very level, and took some final measurements.  The uneven floor is going to cause me some heartache but the floor was not very level to start and the tiles were tough to put in place.  Monica and I went out this afternoon and tore some 1×4 boards in half lengthwise.  These will be mounted on the walls to make the basis for mounting the other two walls and the shelves.  I want to get them mounted tomorrow and maybe even get the side mounted and the shelves.  We will see how much I can get done in a full day of work.  I will hit it after everyone goes to work and school tomorrow. 

I went out and powered up the chicken door tonight.  It didn’t work…  I will go out during the day tomorrow and check the fuse.  If it doesn’t work then I have to remove the whole door and send it back to my chicken door guy.  I hope it is just a fuse. 

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