Corner rock crib and gate finished.

New corner rock crib and wire gate with woven wire on the bottom. 

Rock crib.

It took all day but I got it done.  This was the last fencing project from last year that I did not get to and was supposed to complete.  So almost 8 months late, the last of the burned out fence posts was cut down and replaced with new fencing.  I also installed a new gate and took out the three cow panels that were covering the opening.  Those will be used to cross the creek on other sections of fencing.  I am all about repurposing when it comes to fencing.  The rocks take a long time to gather even with the tractor.  The nice thing is you only have to load the bucket by hand and then load the rock crib by hand. 

In progress rock crib.

I had some rocks that were way too big for the rock crib so I dumped those in Donna’s front yard for her dirt mound.  She still needs a few more ton of rocks for decoration.  As an aside, I managed to clean out the bottom land behind the shed of all rocks and impediments for the mower.  I can freely mow and not hit hidden objects.  This is a very nice side effect of collecting needed rocks. 

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