Another 120 feet of fence completed.

Future barn roof.

I went out after dinner for a couple of hours and finished the gate so we could let the cows back out into the car area.  I had to redig the gate center post and add a couple of posts.  I was a little generous with my guesstimate when I installed the gates and drilled the holes with the tractor.  I got it to work out. 
I unloaded all the used tin roofing from the trailer and stacked it so it is ready to go when I start back in on the barn roof some time this summer.  Not sure when that is going to occur as the fence has priority.  I picked up all my tools and equipment at the new gate area today, now I just need to go down and toss every thing into the trailer and sort the burnable, scrap metal and trash.  I want to get it all cleaned up.  One of the advantages to fixing the fence is I have managed to scrounge up another six cow panels for use elsewhere.  I will need at least three to cross the creek on the new divider fence I am installing up the hill, but that leaves me some extra for future use.  I think I will use one of them as a gate on the upper hillside also.  It is not a gate we will be accessing often but a panel will make it a lot easier to open and close when we do use the gate. 

Redone fence on the right with new gate in the distance.
New corner with double gate, I still need to clean up my mess.

 It looks like the fence goes on forever!  I need to run this fence all the way down to the road which is just past the building on the right hand side of the picture.  The fence has a curve in it so I am just going to run the woven wire down the curve and make it snug.  I am not going to straighten out the fence rows.  It would take too much time.  Up on the hill the fence lines are all straight.  This is actually the only place on the whole farm where the fence is curved to follow the field line and not a straight line. 

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