Tractor teachings.

The tractor is going to make me a mechanic yet.  My nephew stated that the bucket on the tractor is not working again.  He got about 5 hours of use out of it before it died.  I am sure it is the quick disconnect.  I must have damaged it and under pressure it slips apart just enough to shut off the fluid flow but it still looks connected.  My solution is definitely farmer inspired, I just swapped the raising and lowering connections.  It worked today but I didn’t do any heavy lifting with the bucket.   I scraped the gravel road and leveled the area in front of our house.  I did the circle down at my in-law’s house but I need to finish leveling it off.   It looked a little rough when I drove by it to go to work.  

My nephew did use the tractor this evening to finish moving the  straw from the barn floor and the bucket was still working.  So my fix may work.  I went inside and looked at the buckled barn floor.  I am not certain if it is from the barn shifting or me not screwing that portion of the floor down.  I won’t know until I start pulling the boards up and look for screw holes.  I figure four hours to fix it.  It took 20 hours of manual/tractor labor to clean out the barn and move all the straw to a separate pile ($200 labor).  

Sarah started on the rock wall today!  It will take her a while to get it done, I am not sure it will be done in two weeks.  I told her her she will have to dig a little deeper to expose the wall.   I called Premier fencing to check up on our adult sheep sling so we can weigh the sheep.  I ordered it in April, but the lady said they still had backorders from February so she was unable to guarantee that I would get a sling in the next shipment. She said they just cannot seem to get enough made to meet demand. 


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