Fencing done for the year.

I finished!  The sheep are now out on lots of pasture, probably around 20 acres.  They of course, are staying on the back rocky hillside most of the time.  I never could have done it without the help of my nephew Gannon.  He helped me the last two days and cleaned up the day after we finished.  It was a close call, I was not sure it was going to make it but the sheep needed more pasture.  On the plus side  the next fence I will be building will be up by the hand dug well.   I want to subdivide the upper pasture a few times and that is the first place I want to do it at.  I even mowed a path earlier with the tractor.  But future fencing is on hold until the barn roof, floor and gate get installed.  This upcoming week we will be moving the hay around and going and picking up the hay that was just baled to put it in the barn for winter feeding.  

I decided on a cupola plan today.  I was trying to figure out how to keep the rain from getting under the cupola sides.  I am going to install the metal roof first then screw down 4×4 bases over the metal to use as attachment points for the cupola.  I will squirt a little insulation foam under the 4×4 to seal it and run the cupola metal walls right down to the metal roof.  It should not leak at all.  I just need to purchase the cupola side vents from Home Depot and I will have everything I need except maybe some 2×4 for the cupola frame.  
I dropped off our irrigation pump to be repaired and have called three times to check up on it and have still not heard back from the pump guy yet.  I will be calling again on Monday.  Our three black walnut trees I transplanted into the ram pasture are still alive and hanging in there.  

Our bull has decided he needs to leave the orchard whenever he chooses.  He lifts the panels over the creek with his horns and then walks under them.   We secured one crossing and the next day he went to the other crossing.   The cows are now back out among the cars in the front area.  We are going to just open the main gate into the orchard so the cows can come and go as they please. We are watering both the ram pasture and the orchard to get them to snap back.  

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