Barn roof is harder than I thought.

Chicken door ready for mailing.

Starting point today.

 The chicken door is on its way to get repaired.  I have it so I only need to unscrew two screws and unplug it and it is out of the hole and ready to go back for repair.  I am continually amazed by the gentleman who built the door, he just keeps fixing it!  He always wants to know what went wrong and how he can improve the door.  I am pretty sure he doesn’t have an actual business selling chicken doors, it is just a hobby.  He sounds like a tinkerer.  Hopefully, the door will be back in a couple of weeks. 

A day of progress.  Yes only this side.

 I am going to go out tonight and lock the chickens in.  In the morning I can thin out the deadbeats, I think there are an even dozen chickens that between them all they collectively lay 1 egg/day.  In a month those 30 eggs cost me around $22, not quite a dollar an egg.  I will get more accurate numbers after tomorrow.

Soon to be cupola.

Jason, Gannon and I went out this morning to work on the barn roof.  I took a starting picture but things did not go smoothly.  The roof angle is very steep and hard to work on.  We had a very hard time folding the metal over the edge of the roof and screwing it down.  It took a few hours to just get the edge pieces in place and screwed in.   Once we got to the cupola area the consensus was we should switch sides and just work the whole barn from one side to the other so we don’t have to keep coming back and screwing down the safety harness anchors.  It is 16 feet to the bottom of the roof.  I only have a 16 foot ladder.  This is not going to work.  So now I need a taller ladder.  We went down and spent 75 minutes trying to do some 90 degree trigonometry to get our measurements for the cupola correct.  I didn’t take enough when I was up on the roof and no one wanted to go back up on the roof.  Annmarie was not home.  She showed up and had it straightened out in 5 minutes. 
We cut out a cupola frame today.  Tomorrow we will install it.

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