First bummer this birthing cycle.

Well things didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted them.  Annmarie went out first thing this morning and found the ewe was head butting the baby we helped out last night.  She kept pushing it away so it could not nurse.  They do this to other momma’s babies to keep the freeloaders at bay.   Annmarie pinned the ewe against the wall and let it nurse till it was full then we brought it into the house.  I like using a large box when we have one instead of a laundry basket.  They always get out of the laundry basket!  I keep offering him formula every hour but he doesn’t want to take it from me.  So it’s a battle. I am good at doing things not so much at nurturing.  No big surprise.  I have to go play with the baby it is trying to get out of box and bleating impatiently.  
Annmarie bottle feeding the baby.  

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