Snow storm in February.  Lots of snow.

Opportunistic feeder.  Doesn’t like to share.

Late last week, Mother Nature decided to finally snow and snow.  We had 18 inches out on the farm.  It just kept coming down!  I managed to shovel the walkway the first two days but then Annmarie and Sarah had to keep it cleared as I was working.  There was so much snow that I started to back the Prius up to parking spot so I could just start the car and mash on the gas to make it down the driveway.  Our nephew fired up the tractor Saturday and scraped the driveway.  I never would have made it down the driveway in the Prius.  The snow was way too deep.

On Sunday, I fired up the tractor and got to try out the new insulated bib overalls Annmarie bought me on Saturday.  They worked very well.  I stayed out on the tractor for 6 hours clearing the driveway.  I only had one near miss.  I was pushing snow down by my mother-in-law’s house and got to close to the plastic fence.  Their is a little hill there that slants toward the fence.  I got the tractor stuck.  I had to go get Sarah and the pickup and pull the tractor out sideways.  We just put the front bucket down and pulled the back end then but the box blade down and pulled the front end.  It took some finagling but we got it out without injuring the fence.  I drove to Pilot Rock in the tractor for fuel and to dig out my parents driveway also.  I figured we were good for another 12 inches of snow. 

Old fence fragment near the Old Hen House

Yesterday when I went out to the barn I forgot to lock the inside gate shut and the sheep had access to the entire hay room all day long.  It was a mess.  I have no one to blame but myself for that mishap.

We had locked the horses back into the barn lot as they were not coming down for food.  They wait by the back door of the hay room for a chance to eat off the floor.  We sweep the loose hay over to the door area so the horses can eat the leftovers.  They still get food in their feeders but they seem to prefer the floor.  More chances to get grain only, I think. 

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