Fencing prep.

I need to get the new upper fence pasture created.  I have been trying to figure out how to get it done quickly and easily.  I realize that fencing and easy are words that don’t belong together.  I was going to run the fence up the hillside and cross the creek but every time I cross the creek I have to hang panels and they have to be moved up every spring and lowered every summer.  For ease of installing and maintaining I have decided to fence off the creek.  This will cost me some extra materials but it will be better in the long term maintenance department.  I am going to just run the new fence in the bottom only.  I may even decide to run the fence up the hillside and cross the creek later.  

Thursday I took the box blade off the tractor and attached the mower.  It is getting easier with repetition.   It only took me about 40 minutes.  I had to straighten and adjust my front bucket leveler indicator also.  I wanted to mow the upper pasture fence line so it would be easy to find.  I ended up spending a couple of hours mowing the entire upper pasture prime area (my new name for the soon to be fenced in area). I mowed along the creek and all over the bottom.  It was mowed late last year to a height of one foot.  I mowed it down to three inches.  I left the bunch grass higher as it runs next to the wheat field fence.  I saw lots of field mice and voles.  Zeke snagged a couple of them but spent most of his time tearing all over the place.  I had to keep calling him back.  I want to install two gates in that fence line. I will only be installing two sides of a rectangle and repairing a third.  I opted to enclose a bigger area.  I was going to build three separate upper bottom pastures eventually.  I decided to enclose the first two in one fell swoop.  I can go back later and subdivide the “upper bottom prime” pasture later.  

The mower did good work.  I had one metal part fall off!  It is on the front of the mower and helps hold the front skirt in place.  When it is not pouring down rain I plan on looking for it.  I did try and use a new app on the iPhone to figure out how many acres I am fencing in.  No go, user error.  I again proved that a Lifeproof case is water proof.  I also discovered that when the water is running off the screen and your hands are cold the iPhone won’t sense your touch. I finally just gave up.  
Annmarie wants me to install a cable to help hold, the already installed, gate leading into the wheat field.  I was thinking I would have to put in a new post but I might not have to do that.  I am going to try it.  I also need to install a cow panel over that gate so the sheep cannot get through it.  This has prompted me to make up a list of needed items to go into the fence budget.  The two 18 foot gates and 70 T-posts and 8 wooden post for the lower barley field are necessary.  The new 16 foot metal gate for the machine shop hay area is mandatory!   I will also be installing two rows of 1×12 along one wall side to prevent the cows from reaching through the supports there also.  At current prices that is $480 in gates, $335 in T-posts and $100 in wooden posts for $915 total.  I need at least another 125 t-posts for the upper pasture at $600. Five rolls of wire $315 and a bag of clips is around $200. Two more gates at $360 for prime pasture and one six foot gate for $90 for lower pasture.  I need about six cow panels at total cost of $150.   Grand total $2630.  Not bad only $130 over budget, only trouble is I didn’t allow any money for labor.  Good thing I work cheap!  This is why I am hitting the spring extravaganza sale on this upcoming Friday.  If I only get a 10% discount I will make my budget!  

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