More cleanup.

Cast iron pan for chain tripod.

Wiss 607 flower pruners.

Jason came over to the house yesterday to take a load of scrap iron to the recycler.  He showed up bright and early with a deadline of 1100 to be done.  I had told him there was a lot of stuff out in the old chicken coop that we had not gone through or dug out yet.  So we headed out there to do a little collecting before going to the junkyard.  Four hours later we managed to get most of the scrap iron out of the chicken coop.  I need to make a burn pile out there from all the scrap wood that was left over.  We did score some cool things.  I found another cast iron pot.  This one is designed to be hung from a chain over an open fire.  I may have to sand it to get a smooth finish inside the pot.  I found a pair of old Wiss flower pruners that had some rust on them.  I spent an hour cleaning them up with steel wool and a file and they are as good as new, incredibly sharp.  Jason never did get a load taken to the scrap yard.  He did fill up his flat bed with old parts.  I have an old gas stove that I am going to take out to the fruit stand to see if she wants it.  It is only really good as a yard decoration.  Gannon and Sarah got the cows separated and now the boys are in the barn lot and upper prime pasture with the horses.  They seem to be cohabitating well.  Gannon started digging the old straw out of the barn.  My compost pile is huge!  A ton of straw plus all that animal poop makes for a big pile.  I am hoping to get it spread out this year.  It is really a time issue.  Annmarie and I are talking about a manure spreader.  We may need to get one. 

Some dirt cleaned off, still needs a lot of work.

I washed out the old cast iron pan.  It needs to be bead blasted and then I may have to take a grinder to the inside to smooth it out.   I won’t be able to tell until after the bead blasting. 

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