Farm 3, Predators 0

It has happened again!  I am victorious. The sly, stealthy, nocturnal beast has been eliminated.  Our eggs just kept disappearing and we were starting to have serious supply issues.  It was bad enough that I broke out the live trap and set it up.  That first night I just could not sleep, kept rolling over in bed and listening for the clang of the trap doors.  It never came.  I heard this high pitched short meow like whine coming from the coop.  You might think it is a cat, but it is a possum. I ran outside with a flashlight, my Walther P-22, my boots and wearing Annmarie’s satin robe ready to engage my adversary.  Sure enough, there was a possum in the chicken enclosure running around the coop yard.  The live trap was still set and the possum was frustrated because I had shut the human door and it could not get in to eat eggs, too stupid to go up the chicken ramp.  The possum kept running around the far end of the chicken yard and my laser needs new batteries so I could not see the red dot.  That is the excuse I am going to use for missing the first three times.  Finally, the possum decided to run straight at me!  When it was four feet away I shot it in the head a couple of times.  

The next morning I disposed of the body and pulled the electronic chicken door out of the wall.  It was time to get it functional again.  I took it to work and did some troubleshooting. The power supply cord had a broken wire.  After that was repaired I could not get the motor to turn more than a couple of revolutions. I unhooked the door and the motor would turn one direction only.  I had to wire brush the rust off the piece of thread all and hose it down with WD-40.  I hooked the motor back up but the door will only open. The bottom switch was broken.  I contacted my chicken door guy and got part number and online store he uses.  I ordered two switches, one for now and one for later.   They came two days ago and I installed it yesterday.  It works!  Chicken Fort Knox is back in business!  

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