Cleanup done.

Barley field gates installed.

Mr. President came out today for one last hoorah.  We finished installing the barley field gates and were headed back to the barn when I commented that the gates were not very even.  Being a sage old soul, Mr. President suggested we go back and fix said gates before any criticism was offered.  On the way back to the house I let this idea percolate and decided that it was a good one.  We drove back down to the gate and spent another 35 minutes fixing the gate on the left.  I will still have to take the tractor up and drag some dirt away from the backside of the right gate to get it to open fully.  The gates are 18 feet long and are heavy so they tend to drag on the ground. 

We did do a loop around the property and we spotted both little buck mule deer that are living on the place.  I think my dad may have a chance at shooting a deer this year.  Hopefully, it will happen. 

We spent the next three hours cleaning all the tools out of the barn.  Between the fencing and the roof I had tools strewn all over the barn.  We tossed all the trash and tools into the back of the pickup and dropped them off at the lamb shed, chicken coop, old house, scrap metal pile, trailer and trash can.  I still have about an hours worth of tool sorting and organizing left in the old house.  We also managed to clear a spot in the other hay bay for the straw I am going to pick up next week.  I did leave the saws out in the barn.  I want to work on the overhead loft over the sheep jugs.  There is so much lumber that I need to get some of it used up.  I also need to install a floor in the old “L” shaped granary overhead.  I am thinking about installing a door from the room above the tack room into this room.  I also need to build an overhead platform near the upper window opening.  Then I can build a window frame and install the window.  Without the platform the window will not be possible as it is not safe to work on. 

I have quite a bit of vacation coming up so I plan on seeing if the disc for the tractor will work and tear up some ground and plant some new pasture grass.  As a side benefit I am hoping this will smooth out some of the fields.  They are very lumpy.   

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