Snow is here!

Back cow feeder ready for action.

After I got the fence up in the barn lot I had to arrange for a second cow feeder.  We were going to sort cows on Saturday.  The two steers that are going to be eaten and the three small cows were going to get sorted off the four older cows.  We don’t want the 6 month old heifers getting pregnant until they are a year old.  Unfortunately, last year when we separated them they continued to nurse through the fence.  I fixed that this year by limiting contact through one small section of fence and I slapped up an upper layer of woven wire over the fence.  The whole fence is cow/calf proof now.

The back lean to behind the old lamb shed has nicely spaced posts so I was able to just chain two cow feeder panels up and they fit perfectly.  This has unfortunately not worked out so well.  The horses have claimed this area and are keeping the cows away. We are going to have to do something about it. 
I cleaned out some of the cow poop from the machine shed.  I am making progress on the trash.  I just keep filling up our trash can whenever there is extra space.  Eventually, I may get a couple of spots cleared up so we can move the dinky tractor in out of the weather and the old Ford 9N.  We may have to get the old 9N fixed so it can be used to move hay.  I didn’t realize how much more weight it can handle and it has the hydraulic hay lift system attached to it already. This plan is merely an idea at this time. 

Bull eating apples, he loves them.

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