Sunday Shenanigans

Sunday morning I was all dressed for church and putting Sprout on the breeze porch.  That means I was ready to head out the door.  I was actually not running late, but I wasn’t exactly leaving early either.   Steve, of course, was at work, so it should not be a surprise that I heard the telltale panicked crying of a lone lamb. Sure enough, when I went out to put Zeke on the run, there was a single panicked little lamb in the yard. The rest of the sheep, including mama, were out on the hillside, 3 gates and a couple of 90-degree turns away from where the lamb is. I try putting Zeke in the “down” position to help confine the lamb near a gate that he doesn’t know about yet, but Zeke really loves baby lambs, and it’s just too much for him.  He kept breaking and scaring the lamb away from where I want him to be.  I end up opening every gate into the yard to maximize the ease of exit, but the lamb just can’t seem to see the holes. Remember I am dressed for church – not exactly lamb-wrangling attire. I am almost to the point of going inside and at least changing shoes, when mama finally realizes that is her baby that has been crying incessantly for the last 15 minutes or so, and comes running down the hill bawling her fool head off. She knows about the gates and comes right in.  Mama and baby are reunited and run happily off to a day of grazing and basking. I even made it to church in time – barely.

Reunited mama and baby headed out for the day.

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