Kitchen coming along nicely.

I am making real progress on the kitchen.  This is a good thing, as even I am getting tired of cooking and cleaning in the laundry room.  The backsplash countertop seam was caulked today.  I will need to clean it up a little once it is dry.  I am not the worlds best caulker.  I tore the faucet out of the old sink and spent a couple hours cleaning it all up and got it reinstalled into the new sink.  Found a solid stainless steel drain for the new sink.  I thought I was going to have to get a bronze plated with stainless steel.  I had forgotten that those have to be put in with plumbers putty so now I have a little container of that.  I used 100% silicone around the sink and then set it in place.  The fancy 3 inch stainless steel sink attachment screws I ordered at $6/each made it possible to set the sink.  I broke two of them tightening them down.  The sink was a little bent and had a 1/32 gap at one corner so I ended up running silicone all around the outside of the sink.  I am going to let it dry and then cut all the excess off with a razor blade.  That is the one thing nice about working with polished stone tiles.  You can treat it like glass and it cleans up very nicely with a razor blade.  I even hooked up the sink to water and the drain on the FIRST time with no leaks!  Truly amazing for me, I always have to redo any plumbing at least twice. 

Tomorrow, I will clean up the caulking and put in my spacers for all the wall outlets.  Once the new outlet covers show up next week it will be five minutes to screw them in place.  I need to reposition the fridge and then it is onto the downdraft fan.  I cannot install the window trim until the tile is installed behind the stove.  This will be the final item I do in this kitchen project. Tile cannot happen until the downdraft fan is in place and hole through the wall is cut and ductwork installed.  I want to be able to tile around the duct so I can insulate and get a good fit with the tile.  I brought the fan in from the car a couple of days ago.  It was very awkward, it is a rectangle 4x4x2 feet and weighs around 80 pounds.  I made it to the front porch and had to have Annmarie help me get it through the front door when she came home.  Once inside, I could get it into the library.  I have built the custom cabinet about 25 times in my head already so I think I am ready for the real thing now.  That is next weeks project.  I still have to find the appropriate vent to tie into the siding.  We found our new cabinet and drawer pulls today on a restoration company website.  We are going to get a colored glass pull and knob.  I will pick up paint for the ceiling and walls after I do the down draft fan.  Annmarie came up with a great idea to take all our old farm pictures and transfer them to wood and we will put them up on our dormer in the kitchen.  We should be able to get at least 25 pictures mounted.  It will look great. 

I had a chicken die two days ago.  A coworker, Michelle, came out with her husband and baby to see the chicken coop.  They are thinking about building one and wanted to see the layout and get some suggestions.  We went into the coop and there laid a dead Turken chicken and a Buff Orpington was kinda slouched over.  I tried to put the Buff Orpington on the perch but it was so weak it just kept trying to fall off.  I didn’t even think about anyone else being in the coop with me and just wrung the chickens neck.  In hindsight, a little warning to the witnesses might have been a good thing.  I gave my lecture on isolation cages (I don’t have one) and disease control.  I stop my diseases by eliminating the vectors.  I disposed of the carcasses and we went back into the house to talk more chickens. I have not had a sick chicken in the last two days. 

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