Kitchen new direction

New stove in dining room

Yesterday, was the day of completions. The heating guys came out and finished installing our new freestanding stove in the dining room.  It is amazing!  It actually gives off heat and heats up the whole room in minutes.  We are hoping this means our propane bill will decrease.  The wind needs to howl so we can see if this one blows out and we need some bitter below zero F temps to see if that keeps the stove from lighting. 

New in house filter.

The plumber came that afternoon.  He installed a inline filter for all the water that comes into our house.  He ran the mainline up into our laundry room and then back down to the distribution manifold.  No more rocks and glue ribbons gumming up all our valves inside.  Now I can replace both outside water hydrants and not worry about ruining anything inside the house.  I am not sure that is such a good thing.  My last excuse to delay digging gone. 
We have solved our kitchen appliance problem.  So instead of only being the proud owners of a new downdraft fan, we are the proud owners of a downdraft fan, propane cook top and freestanding oven! LOL.  I will now be constructing four custom cupboards, a hardwood counter and wiring the back kitchen wall with 220V for the new electric oven.  This will be a great finish to the kitchen project.  Looking forward to the finished look. 

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